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ZAC GUNTHORPE – singer + songwriter

New album
'Meant For The Sky'
now available on
limited edition vinyl.

Available for streaming September 1st

The record is sultry. Deep and brooding. It slows you down and demands you listen, and it’s in this listening – the first time, the second, the third – that you find more, then more again and again. For there’s a lot going on within the ten-song confines of Meant For The Sky, the third long-player from Queensland artist Zac Gunthorpe, crafted as it is with the love and attention to the songs themselves, that has become the raison d’etre of this burgeoning musical talent”.

– Samuel Fell


Listen on Spotify, Apple Music or Deezer


“Zac is going to give you a chance to go beneath veneers of simplicity into understated complexity and nuance. Listening, you might begin to hear why he doesn’t need anything more than his guitar and his voice to enchant the night.”

Charlie Macneil


A focus on lost, desperate spirits, the “stealers and their shadowy nooks,” the “broken hearted lovers laying in graves.”

Over eight original songs, Gunthorpe and The Brown Byrds (Ryan Miller, Brett Layton, Zach Miller and Neal Purchase Jr) dedicate themselves to these ghosts with a raw commitment reminiscent of Neil Young’s Tonight’s the Night, with engineer/producer Zach Miller hanging onto the desk controls for dear life.

Martin Jones