Zac Gunthorpe and friends want you to join them in celebrating the release of Zac’s latest LP ‘Meant For The Sky’.


The record is sultry. Deep and brooding. It slows you down and demands you listen, and it’s in this listening – the first time, the second, the third – that you find more, then more again and again. For there’s a lot going on within the ten-song confines of Meant For The Sky, the third long-player from Queensland artist Zac Gunthorpe, crafted as it is with the love and attention to the songs themselves, that has become the raison d’etre of this burgeoning musical talent”.


Meant For The Sky sees Gunthorpe’s love of songcraft evolve further, while still retaining the foundations he’s always built from as a songwriter. “I’ve really tried to stay true to that very first feeling, when I’m writing,” he concurs. “I’ve been tuning into that more and more, [And then in the studio], trying to capture that first feeling again, I liken it to the first time you catch a wave, [or like the first time you take a step],” he adds. “It may not be a feeling you remember, because you do it so many times after that (and most of the time in a way we consider better), but in that first moment, there’s something really special, something magical that happens, that wont be felt again”.


Meant For The Sky is a special album. Produced and recorded straight to tape by sonic magician Jamie Trevaskis at Wild Mountain Studio with Brisbane outfit Mexico City as his backing band, Gunthorpe has fashioned a collection of songs that draw you in, each and every one of them having something to say and a unique way of saying it. And these songs seem in no hurry; no matter the pace of the track, Gunthorpe gives the songs space, letting them take their time in speaking and unfurling.


Layering these small pieces of Australiana – with their tales of what it is to be alive in times of turmoil, finding peace among it all – is the sort of sound one would associate with Neil Young hanging out in Laurel Canyon in the 1960s, but with added layers that bring to mind the bands Gunthorpe has been watching so closely these years past.


Joe Cryle’s pedal steel plays a starring role throughout Meant For The Sky, ably bookended with subtle guitar work courtesy of Gunthorpe, Adam Toole and Simon Radich, Ben Carsten’s drums and percussion and Conrad Taylor’s bass playing cutting a trench through which all else flows. It’s a strong and assured record, underpinned of course with Gunthorpe’s remarkable ability to craft a song, to give it the attention it needs to then thrive. 

Sultry. Deep and brooding. You need to listen.


Samuel J. Fell

Available on all good streaming services from September 1st 2023. Limited Vinyl records now available for purchase. Contact us to purchase.

10 Days

His first single left us gazing at the night sky ‘Wondering Why’? Zac Gunthorpe’s follow up single however brings us images of tranquillity and feelings of contentment looking up in the day. 10 Days bursts upon the ears like a blooming bud in springtime.

Full of colour with an uplifting melody and energetic harmonica playing, Gunthorpe and band (Mexico City) weave and entwine their magic, bubbling along through a song gazing at the marvels of nature’s simplicity whilst acknowledging its deep complexities. Leaving ALL stones unturned and musing on the deep time they’ve spent looking up at the sky. The broken wave returns to the sea once more to rise again.

“A fire burns, what lesson was learned? I’m not sure I knew”.

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Wonder & Why

In a celebratory 10th year as a recording artist, Zac Gunthorpe is releasing new music. The first single... ‘Wonder And Why’.

Gunthorpe and one of Brisbane’s finest bands Mexico City, come together to deliver an ‘Australianaesqe’ feel that seems to sways like a leaf on an autumn breeze on Wonder and Why.

Lyrically the song speaks of connection and care. Care for land below, stars above, all woven together, with heart and with love. It’s a yearning for the fading light. May the slightest flicker always remain.

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